Winding for paper coils

The materials which are produced in meter size are more and more used in industrial production. There are dozens of industries that can benefit from our winders. Whether it is automotive, electrical or graphic, but also applications in the production of medical supplies, food and personal care. Basically, every single manufacturer is looking for an efficient winding solution which you can see right here.


Main advantages:

  • precise regulation and range of speed and tension in the material
  • we are able to fully adapt our winding machines to your requirements
  • intelligently connect with other line components and processes
  • many accessories and smart parts

More information:


We have developed a lot of supplements to our winders, which help greatly increase their applicability in many fields. In particular, there are different strain gauges, sensors and measuring systems. Furthermore, printers, which will label the product with code and so on (fe: cable, insulation etc.) during the winding process. Other types are unfortunately secret of our customers so we are not able to tell you more about them.


More pictures of the product

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