Spray Cabin

Do you need to apply liquid on your products during manufacturing process? Quickly, exactly and without larger drops? Spray Cabin produced by RESIM does this perfectly.

The product above is for the customer from automotive field who needed to apply liquid on the fabric as part of the interior for luxury cars. This assembly is complemented by a folding conveyor for easier maintenance of other parts.


Main advantages:

  • stainless steel design
  • accuracy and speed of the entire process
  • connection with other parts of the production line
  • a variety of options and adjustments

More information:

Typical use and accessories

controlling by Siemens/ Allan Bradley with HMI (human machine interface)
drive Lenze
sensors Sick
pneumatic Festo
spray Kremlin

More pictures of the product

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Cutting table – communicate with the spray cabin. Ideal solution for applying various chemicals to cut pieces.
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