Hot End Coating

Chemical vapor deposition in RESIM HE Unit is the reliable solution for increasing the surface strength and abrasion resistance of the finished glass.

The coating is transparent to visible light, reflect infrared light, and provide a high conductance and a low sheet resistance.
We have created a unit that reliably protects your products, makes them easier to handle, reduces losses, and serves you for years.


  • Durability – in the full range of this meaning.
  • Stainless steel frame and body
  • Proven technology without unexpected surprises
  • Price / quality performance
  • Maintenance-free machine requiring no extra cost
Glass protection at its best

RESIM Hot End Coating Unit is THE sturdy piece of Stainless Steel and reliable technology.  It is made for hard work in the tough environment with no maintenance. We crafted this unit under two basic rules:
purpose above cool look & durability above fancy features.
We know that design and fancy features have no place under such conditions. So we made the unit with bulletproof quality standards.

Take another look at the HE Unit



1300 mm – standard lenght
1600 mm – extended version

If you need to maintain a high temperature in the input section of the Unit, we also offer a pre-heating module.

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