In RESIM we believe, that everyone should work hard on himself but machines should control heavy and monotonous work.

We know our limits

We will never tell you that we can do everything but we will do our best for you. Even, if we still upgrade level of our innovations, there are still projects which we don’t take. We don’t want to get our clients into the troubles with loosing if we don’t know how to create their visions. However, we are ready to do really complicated projects – if we take the project we will finish it. 

Real service

Our customers can confirm that our work does not end with the assembly of the machine. We will never leave you in troubles and because we believe in our products we take care about them also with you. Modifications, corrections, upgrading and extensions are clear parts of agreed contract and after finish of the project as well.

Quality produced directly

We always use only the highest quality and proven components. We don’t save on materials and technology because we know you rely on us. We can guarantee our quality since 1993.

We're constantly improving

We have been working with many of our customers for years. We are satisfied to grow together with them and be part of the successes of the world’s best leading manufacturers.