Extrusion Cutter

One product Thousands of uses

RESIM Cutter uses the best servo technology to ensure high cut quality. Everything else will be made exactly to meet your requirements and budget.
A wide range of motor powers, variable cutting rate, industry 4.0 control software with remote support, multi-material cutting … you name it.


  • Durability to indestructibility
  • Custom made to fit your needs at no extra cost
  • Price / quality performance and quick pay-back
  • All essential parts come from proven top manufacturing companies
  • We are the designers and manufacturers and we will help you keep
machines running for decades.
Commonly processed materials

Isolation – Insulation – Medical equipment – Consumer Products


Depending on your requirements, we can adjust the chopping mechanism for more durable materials, such as enforced / water / industrial tubes or hoses.

Closer look at RESIM CUTTER


Recommended accessories - RESIM COLLECTING CONVEYOR

Do you need to catch or even sort the chopped products and then store them in the crates/boxes?

RESIM COLLECTING CONVEYOR, is fully programmable, communicates with the cutter and reliably splits the chopped pieces according to your requirements.

Releated products

The RESIM winder / unwinder is an ingeniously made machine that is not only unwinding but also wind up. You can just switch the mode.  (Optionally with just one function)


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