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RESIM s.r.o.
Significant projects of 2017

Grupo Antolin Turnov – assembly line with Stäubli robots for automatic screwing

   Robotická šroubovací stanice Staubli - VIDEO01    Robotická šroubovací stanice Staubli - VIDEO02 


Grupo Antolin – production plants in USA, Hungary, Mexico and China – standard production scheduleof forming lines COL30.18 and cutting tables CUT30.18 for preparation of the ceiling sandwich panels for motor cars and trucks. Control systems depending on a target destination based on platforms of manufacturers such as Siemens or Allen Bradley

Linky Linky


OKULA Nýrsko -  ultrasonic welding station for wheel archss and motor covers

okula okula


San Miguel Yamamura Asia Corporation Filipíny - Hot End Coating HE1300 for a hollow glass production line

he1300 he1300


Further, a series of mounting and robotized workplaces for the automative industry is being designed and realized this year



RESIM -reliable partner for automation and mechatronic applications

Vision:   Company Resim focuses on development and production of single-purpose machines, technological lines and other customized applications for industrial manufacturing, strives for delivery of innovative solutions with a high share of automation for domestic and foreign customers, specializes mainly in robotized workplaces, mounting and control automats, manipulators and conveyance systems, is engaged in designing and deliveries of control systems and control drives.

Quality politics: To realize its own mission, Resim is systematically building a high-qualified work team and implements new procedures for improving the quality and effectiveness of work in accordance with the valid legislation.




Company RESIM, s.r.o. was established in 1993 and focuses on industrial automation. Its technical background and experienced team draws on its long-term experience in the sphere of development and realization of electronic systems for hollow glass production lines and for production and treatment of fiber glass. At the present, Resim Company supplies complete solutions for automation, including robotized workplaces and mechatronic systems, single-purpose machines and automation lines, mainly fo automotive industry as well as for electrotechnical industry and other branches using handling equipment.


  • robotized workplaces (Stäubli, ABB, ...) - automatic tightening, clipping, gluing
  • mechatronic application, I&C, CCTV systems
  • proposal and production of LV switchboards
  • proposal and realization of production lines and single-purpose machines


  • drives synchronization
  • application of winding and unwinding
  • drives control by means of electronic cams

Control systems

  • visualization, monitoring, remote management
  • data collection and archiving systems
  • SW proposal and development for PLC and industrial PC

RESIM - Nádražní 1062

511 01 Turnov, CZ

tel.: +420 481 319 450

fax.: +420 481 319 469




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