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RESIM s.r.o.
Company profile

Company RESIM, s.r.o. was established in 1993 as a private firm focused on industrial automation. The technical background of the firm is based on its long-term experience in the field of development and implementation of electronic systems for the glass industry. This field also currently includes most applications that our firm has realised for the domestic market as well as for exports.


HW and SW Development, Electrical Equipment Production, Installations, Maintenance and Technical Services

  • Electrical equipment for hollow glass production lines
  • Electrical equipment for machines producing and processing glass fibres
  • Electrical equipment for special handling systems
  • Custom applications
  • Cooperation with other suppliers in the area of installations and services for special technologies

RESIM - Nádražní 1062

511 01 Turnov, CZ

tel.: +420 481 319 450

fax.: +420 481 319 469




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